Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tomorrow is the family meeting day with Dr. Gill.  Was going to type a long post, but I'm exhausted.  Mom started her Morphine today.  She was totally mellow.  I'm glad she's getting pain relief, but....if she's going to be this "out of it," most of the time....I'm not sure what the benefit is? 

Sue's boss gave her Cowboys tickets for tomorrow night.  Bill is ecstatic...I'm just thinking about how tired I will be.  I guess I'll be popping and extra Adderall tomorrow!

Played "Live Like You Were Dying" for the kids today.  We all cried together.  I was surprised that Cory cried, too.  I love that I have sensitive boys and men in my family.  That's what I did well.  :)


  1. Have a list of questions and notepad ready so you won't forget anything. I say this because I always forget something...never fails. Will be praying for you guys. Is your aunt able to go also? I hope so.

  2. What dosage is she on? Can she start with a lower dose? She will become more tolerable to the morphine. I am praying for you. Call me if you have questions I am home. LOVE YA