Sunday, August 7, 2011

Exhaustion sets in.

This has been a busy weekend.  On Friday, we saw the oncologist, Saturday, the girls and I spent the day picking up her meds and grocery shopping for her.  The pharmacists at Target are amazing, and just take SUCH good care of my mom.  Her Morphine will get here on Tuesday, so I can't to see if she feels better with that!   

I have also met 2 wonderful ladies through the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation who have taught me a lot about what to expect with her.   My friend Vanessa, who is a nurse, is also a wealth of information.   I feel blessed to know such wonderful friends.

Today, Aunt Elaine came in from Tucson.  She's just adorable.  I'm glad she's here for Mom.  Later this week, we will go together to talk to Dr. Gill again and see what her options are. 

I'm exhausted.  I'm really glad Aunt Elaine is here.  I love my mom, but I'm tired. 

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