Sunday, July 24, 2011


I talked to Mom today, and she said she is feeling a lot better.  Aunt Elaine has asked her to call her doctor, so she called to find out if he could prescribe any more meds for her pain.  He said that he couldn't do it over the phone, but for her to call Monday to see what he could do. 

We just talk about hope.  Hope. That's all we can have.  Sometimes I think it's easier for me to think that everything's ok, and if we don't address it, things will change.  I guess there's nothing wrong with that.  Why should we sit around talking about death, when she still has life. 

Like everyone says...I hope this is a bad dream.  I want it to all be over.  I am very resentful of my mother in law.  She made a flippant comment about my mom "getting all the attention," to Bill.  Like my smart son, Lance said, though, she has no filter.  Then again, fuck the filter.  Just be nice.  That would make you NOT have to worry about a filter.  How come when someone is rude, we say they don't have a filter?  If you are nice, then you don't NEED a filter.  How come it's MY mom that's sick?  Why nobody else's?  It's so not fair. 

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