Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Year Without You

Dear Mom,

It has been a year today since we lost you.  I'd love to say a lot has changed, but it hasn't.  Not one day has gone by, that I haven't thought about calling you to tell or ask you something.  The kids are older...they are all teenagers now.  Each one of them has a problem speaking about you without a tear. 

I've tried to be strong.  For the most part, I think I've done ok.  I just kind of went back to work and acted like normal, since that's what I do.  I don't regret that. 

What I miss the most is parental guidance.  Since Dad was gone almost 11 years ago now, and it's been a year since I've lost you, I have no more parents.  It's hard when I need to share something I know you know all about.  Or share something that you know is typical, or not so typical, Becky, and you know just what to say. 

Sigh, I love you, Mom.  I know you are up there.  Don't know what I believe about heaven or God, but I know you are with me in spirit always. 

Love you Always,


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