Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Our beautiful mom

 We took these pictures tonight.  They will be awesome memories and reminders of how much we loved each other. 
Mom and Sue
Mom and m
Today was a very bizarre day.  Mom woke up this morning thinking that she was on the phone with "the mortgage company, trying to close on her house."  Then she asked me why "the Shitzu rescue people were here" [she doesn't have a Shitzu], and finally, she said she just had a vivid dream that the man next door had "barged into her house, got rid of all of her flowers, and then told her that they were going camping so that she could have a new life."  The hospice nurse told us that some of the hallucinations are from her morphine, and some are from the disease itself.  Either way, she's showing all the classic signs of "end of life."  She is dreaming about people she's known who have passed over, and she's very calm about going.  She has said more than once that she is ready now, and wants to be out of pain.  We have told her over and over that when she is ready, we are ready, too.  Luckily, hospice gave us a pamphlet, and it's helping us immensely in knowing the signs of end-of-life.

We are just hugging and loving on her, and enjoying being together, the three of us.

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  1. i am so sorry but am very proud of both of you i just get upset thinking about what you are going through. Sue told me how bad your mom looked when she got there so sad love you both glad you are all together.

  2. I feel like I am going through this all over again with my sister when I read your posts. You are a wonderful person to be there for your mother in the most difficult time in her life. This will be the hardest thing you ever do. And yet...you will miss taking care of her so much when she is gone. It has been three years since my Shirley left and I still miss it :( Thinking of you and your family.

  3. Becky - it must be so hard for you both.... thinking of you... xxx Barbara and Roger

  4. Oh girls, I am so sorry. While working with Hospice I have always been so surprised how fast the ends comes. Please hug her for me and tell her we will laugh once again in heaven and there will always be a hole in my heart where she lived. I am so not ready to let her go but it's so important to give her permission to go. That is a great act of love on the part of you girls but how she has always spoken of you I am not surprised. I have prayed for "dying grace" for her because she deserves that. Please if you can tell her what I have always tried to convince her that it not what she has done to make her worthy....is what Jesus did on her behalf and God loves her just the way she is. My heart hurts:-(. Pat

  5. I just heard recently about Kathy's situation and it broke my heart. I worked with her in the late 80's early 90's and she was my mom away from home. She was such a natural at nurturing people and giving all the love and energy she had to give. I know that I met both of you during that time but you were too young to remember me. I do know that she ADORED her family! God Bless you all during this tough time but I know that Kathy is in Heaven making everyone laugh with her great sense of humor. Loved her! Lynn

  6. I am so sad to hear about Kathy. We worked together for years and lost touch after I left the travel business 9 years ago. Kathy was like a mom to me and we shared alot. She loved you girls more than anything, she was always so proud of you. I loved her so much!
    Lisa Whaley