Monday, September 5, 2011


We met with the intake lady and nurse from Heart to Heart Hospice on Saturday at Mom's house.  I was very pleased with the care they provided to Mom, and she seemed to feel very good to have someone actually listen to what she had to say.  They had time for her, and that's what she's been wanting from her physicians all along.  I told Bill that I really wish that everyone could have a team of nurses around them when they are diagnosed with a serious illness.  This just seems to be the ideal situation for my mom.  They even identified the source of some of her pain from a surgery a long time ago. 

They gave me a booklet called "When Death is Near."  They told me not to even read it until I really needed to.  Of course stubborn me thought I could handle a page or two last night before I went to sleep.  I read one page, and had an anxiety attack.  I know she's not going to live forever. I know.  But when I read the details of actual way.   I told Bill to shred the book (which we didn't), and I almost vomited.  Wow.  

So the way we left it, Mom will have the nurse twice a week, and  nurse's aid three times a week.  She requested a hot young male nurse, but they didn't seem to have one.  ;)  Love my mom. 

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  1. I'm glad that you and your Mom feel good about the hospice you all have chosen.

    And just hide that booklet until you think you really want to read it. You might not ever.